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   Aloha, I am Kevin Lee and this is my German Shorthair Pointer Kiamanu... in Hawaiian Kiamanu means "bird catcher" Kevin Lee and German Shorthair Pointer Kiamanu


Cyd Michele and I welcome you... whether you are looking for deer antler handles, antler pulls, moose lamps, or a unique gift like a antler terra cotta hanging planter, you will find many antler cabinet hardware designs and antler crafts available to choose from. Mother Nature has blessed us, antlered whitetail, mule deer, elk, red deer stags, moose and others, shed or drop their antlers each year and in their place grow new ones. These shed antlers, unique as the animal who shed them, inspire our antler crafts.  Antlers are a natural renewable resource, they are solid, strong, and their inherent qualities help create infinitely beautiful antler hardware and crafts that last.   Thank you for being with us, explore and bring some of Mother Nature's finest home.

  Cyd Michele, Pupu Pup and Misty  Wife Cyd Michele, Pupu Pup, and the horse in the back is Misty


When you clear your mind of life's clutter, she will embrace you... for all of my life, I have lived alongside Mother Natures pure elements. I have followed wild deer and pigs by their tracks, climbed mountains to peer at goats and sheep.  I have heard her melody in the winds that sway her trees. Her song is honest, fair, and left for her to balance, is truly Heaven on Earth... and through her examples, I have found the true pleasures in life, and the joys of lifelong friendships.

  Moose and Whitetail Shed Lamp  Moose Antler Lamp with Whitetail Shed Antlers and Custom Buckskin Lamp Shade

Hawaii is our Home
Cyd Michele and I were born and raised in Hawaii. A real paradise if you seek it, for it truly lies beyond the structures and paved roads. Hawaii is known for its unique culture and scenic beauty, it is also teeming with beautiful wildlife... and many do not venture far out enough to see them. Introduced species like Axis deer, Mouflon sheep, Spanish goat, Feral sheep, Polynesian pigs, as well as rare Native Birds can be found... they are untame, roam unfenced... they are free.

  Hawaiian Ram carved in releif in a Whitetail shed antler    Antler Hardware including Handles, Pulls, Knobs, Finials, and more    Whitetail Polished Crown and Beam Handle
  Hawaiian Ram Carving                   Antler Hardware                           Whitetail polished crown and beam handle

Our Web Site... and Commitment to You

Take a stroll and wander through our pages and you will experience an exclusive selection of antler cabinet hardware, antler lamps, and other unique antler crafts and gifts.  Exceptional quality you can be confident in.  I guarantee this, if any of my antler hardware ever fails due to workmanship, send it back to me and I will repair or replace it quickly, that simple.

We are customer dedicated, period.  If you wish to contact me with your order or special requests, you can email me or reach me by phone and I will be happy to serve you personally... I am eeeasy to work with, never any pressure or stress.  You can also purchase directly from our pages, to order an item, just make your selection and "add to cart"...you will then be taken to your "shopping cart" where you will see your item/items listed... here you can enter "quantities" if you wish to have more than one.  Items can be added or removed from your shopping cart, and when you are finished you can confirm your order by "Check out."  We also accept personal checks, cashier checks or money orders through mail.

We happily ship to all 50 States and to most Countries.  Let me know if you are outside the US.  Orders are shipped USPS, small items are shipped First Class Air and the rest Priority Mail w/tracking.  Shipping will be free for Antler Hardware orders in the US over $200.00.

Feel free to view and sign our Guestbook, everyone is welcome.  Thank you for joining us here, hope you find our site enjoyable and look forward to being of service to you... thank you.

A hui hou - "Till our paths cross again,"

Kevin Lee and Cyd Michele

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