5" Single Branch Handle Deer
5" Single branch handle by Antler Artisans
5" Single branch handle variations by Antler Artisans
Antler single branch cabinet hardware by Antler Artisans
5" Single Branch Handle Deer

5" Single Branch Handle Deer

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If you are looking for an extra "Kick" to your antler handles, we have branched a section of the tip off the main beam to add texture and visual character.
  • Cut from the main beam and sometimes includes some of the beam-beaded texture. 
  • 5" in length with widths and branch naturally varying slightly with the curve and antler configuration, and this is the charm and verify the antlers are real.
  • Bronzed brass posts are 3" on center.
  • These select antler handles come as "Left" and "Right" or as "Sets."
  • Natural antler color and shine... No coloring/stain, coatings, or chemicals.
  • Quality cabinet-grade screws are included, please select the thickness of the cabinet. If you require multiple thickness requirements, please enter the sizes and counts in the "Notes box" at Checkout. Or, you could "add to cart" them separately.

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