About Antler Artisans... and "Antlers"


At a very young age, when my friends were asking for toys, I was asking for toys and tools. I enjoyed assembling things, also taking things apart to see the workings, and sometimes I broke them in the process. Once I stunned my father, he came home to find the bike he assembled for Christmas morning now disassembled and spread across the garage. Instead of being upset he sat next to me and taught me how to re-assemble it... thanks Dad!

With tools in hand I was feared, but destructive fortunately turned to constructive, and I was beginning to fix things, modify, and eventually began designing and building new things. Design engineering is in my blood and is an inherent part of who I am, and today re-gearing the transfer case and the differentials of my off-road vehicle just seem natural. I was also very fortunate to grow up around Creative Minds, my Mom, an awesome School Teacher, also taught me to think outside the box as well, and to learn from the right people... the right way or not at all. Soon I was in business, from building custom cabinets to a Contractor manufacturing and installing metal and copper roofing... but working all the time was not entirely in the plans for my life.

On the flip side, I am an Outdoorsman... I thrive in the Outdoors. Nature and all her splendors have been a lifelong teacher, and although I'm born and raised in Hawaii... "Paradise" truly lies beyond the structures and paved roads. I am much more comfortable shirtless and barefoot than in a suit (don't even own one), and I often found myself bringing Nature home with me... Indoors. Nothing was off limits, dead logs, limbs, and branches, rocks, bones (yes bones), plants, haul trash and litter, and on occasion would rescue injured or orphaned animals, in any condition, size or species... it was always an adventure! I created artful works with what I brought home, including furniture pieces, and I displayed them outside and inside our house... they brought me joy, comfort, and my Wife (another inspiration in my life) and friends loved them! I was quite surprised at the amount attention they were receiving... hmmm...

Then, 19 years ago, the discovery of shed antlers frankly changed my life. I couldn't get enough of them, their natural beauty and inherent strength inspired me to create with them, so they could be enjoyed in the home... and so my journey began. I decided to design handles, pulls, and knobs for cabinets, and the design styles evolved. I designed and tested them, to retain that beautiful antler look and to withstand daily use and abuse... trouble-free.

Since I needed components that could not be bought from any store, I designed and machine made them myself. I developed and fabricated many of the tooling and equipment necessary to maintain the tight tolerances and assembly requirements for producing a quality product... complete workstations, and over time improved on them. I can now say with confidence that I offer the finest antler hardware available. Many styles are my originals and were designed, developed and even named by me... Antler Artisans was born.

Many other Antler Products followed, and today I maintain large quantities of shed antlers year round and ship Worldwide, and still make each piece by hand to ensure the quality of every piece... and they will always come with a full satisfaction guarantee. 

Message me if you have any questions, requests, ideas or wish to talk about "Anything antler."

Thanks for being with us, and look forward to bringing Nature's splendors home to you.

Kevin Lee
Antler Artisans

Profile Picture: Myself and Kiamanu, my German Shorthair Pointer, kicking back and relaxing together... another teacher in my Life, an old soul... the best things in Life, are truly "not things"...