Polished Crown/Burr Pull by Antler Artisans
Polished Posted Crown Pull
Polished Crown Pulls by Antler Artisans
Deer Polished Crown Pulls/Knobs by Antler Artisans

Polished Posted Crown Pull

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Our shed Deer antler crown/burrs are selected for quality. Once the point of connection to the head of the deer, they are the "Jewel of the antler"... and make beautiful pulls/knobs.
  • Polished crowns are achieved with careful tooling and fine sanding to a smooth rounded pedicle (white button center), and buffed to a luster... antler cabochon!
  • These very select crowns are slab cut, finished sanded and a bronzed post is installed center. The Crowns are leveled, making them more "flat facing" and uniform in appearance and height.   
  • We make them in different diameters, so choose your preference. They are 1-1/2" long/tall, measured from the edge of the rosette (petaled edge).
  • All Natural color, texture, and shine... no coloring/stains, coatings, or chemicals.
  • Quality cabinet-grade screws are included, please select your cabinet thickness. If you have multiple thickness requirements, please enter the sizes and counts in the "Notes" at checkout.

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