Elk Antler Door Handle Set by Antler Artisans
5 x 5 Elk Antler Door Handle Set by Antler Artisans
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Shed Elk Handle Set mounted by Antler Artisans
5 x 5 Elk Antler Door Handle Set by Antler Artisans
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Real Elk Antler Door Handles by Antler Artisans

Elk Antler Door Handle Set

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If you're looking for large antler handles, something special... look no further, our real Elk Door Handle Sets will steal the show! Double doors, refrigerators, barn doors, doors that swing or slide... visitors will be drawn to touch and pull them, yes they are real Elk Antlers!

*Shipping is Free*

  • Grade A1 Shed 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 point Elk Antler Sets, all precious finds, I go right to work to craft gorgeous, rock solid door handles.
  • Perfect for large double doors, barn doors, refrigerator doors, etc...
  • Each handle is mounted by three (3) posts, this triangle locks the antler down secure and stable. Sometimes I use (4) posts on the larger sets.
  • Custom made locator pins are supplied to "mark" the hole locations, so installation is near foolproof.
  • These Elk Sets come in three size ranges, 19" to 22", 22" to 25", and 25" to 30" Tall, widths are typically around 12" to 15" respectively.
  • The beams are flush cut to reach the proper handle heights, and mounts flush to the door. The natural curve in these antler dictates where these cuts are, so the antlers determine their finished size.

There is so much I can go into regarding these unique Elk door handles, every set I make is a treasured accomplishment, and I pack them to get them shipped safely to my Customers... and remember shipping is Free in the US!

If you are interested in a set, purchase the size you are interested in, these are first come first served... these Elk sets sell out and then I'm waiting for the next shipment. I will confirm if you are in luck, will receive the next set that I get, or you might be 2nd in line... I will do my best to get your Elk set to you as soon as possible. Contact me anytime and we can discuss your needs and conditions. Thanks, Kevin.

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