Jewelry & Craft Supplies

Handcrafted Deer and Elk Antler Jewelry and Craft Supplies

  • See our quality collection of crafted antler products that are "got to haves!"... perfect gifts to jewelry making supplies.
  • Made with Grade 1 shed antler, all natural finish with no coloring/stains, coatings or chemicals.
  • Antlers are cleaned, including the crown/burrs with the natural patinas left natural.
  • Antler Pendants and Beads are finished to premium quality, all saw marks are removed, fine sanded and lightly buffed for a true, fine jewelry ready condition.
  • If you do not see something here that you wish you could see, or wish to customize an item, message me I'd be happy to discuss anything "Antler!".  Kevin

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.