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3" Antler Crown Wall Hook

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Useful and naturally beautiful, these 3" Antler Crown Wall Hooks are ready to be screwed into wood that's at least 3/4" thick or into studs/wood through Drywall.

  • Screw into a wall, door, or post, make a hat and coat rack, hang jewelry, keys, dog leash, clothes hanger, pot holders, mitts, towel, etc... and a pair set apart on a wall can display a fishing pole, traditional bow and arrows, etc... 
  • These Deer shed crowns/burrs are selected for size and shape and crafted to install trouble-free. When installed they extend about 3" off the wall.
  • All Natural with fresh color and shine, not dried out cracking or rough. Antlers are inherently strong and these are made solid.
  • To install a 1/8" drilled pilot hole is strongly recommended and will guide the antler base into the wood surface or stud through the drywall. Tighten the wall hook against the wall, then tighten or reverse to the desired position. More in-depth instructions, ideas, and tricks are included with our screw-in wall hooks.
  • For Drywall, no sketchy plastic inserts or anchors to fail... screw the antler hook through the drywall pilot hole into the stud/wood for a strong and solid mount.
  • These Crown hooks are strong and will support the typical weights for this style hook, but there are limits, so test first. Buyers are responsible for their use and ownership.
  • Photos are stock and are examples of these quality Antler Wall Hooks you will receive.
  • Your full satisfaction is fully guaranteed by Antler Artisans!

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