Shed Antler Crown Pull / Knob by Antler Artisans
pair of antler burr / crown pulls by Antler Artisans
Antler Artisans Crown pulls are flush tight mounting
Antler Artisans Deer Crown Pull / Knob
Crown Pull/ Burr Variations by Antler Artisans

Shed Antler Crown Pulls, Knobs

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Deer shed antler crowns/burrs are selected for size and quality. Once the place of connection to the deers head, they are the "Jewel of the antler"... we make beautiful pulls/knobs with them.
  • These Crown Pulls are left with the "Natural Shed" and displayed in its natural glory as nature created, and we select only the crowns with the pedicle (white button center) buttoned "out" not sunken in.
  • Please select the Diameter of Crown Pull you prefer, they are 1-1/2" long/tall, measured from the edge of the rosette (petal rim) to the base.
  • The bases are cut square and finished flat as glass for a clean flush mount.
  • All Natural color, texture and shine... no coloring/stains, coatings or chemicals.
  • Quality cabinet grade screws are included, please include your cabinet thickness in the "Notes" at checkout, or I will send standard length screws for 3/4" thick cabinets.

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