Deer Antler Whistles by Antler Artisans
Deer Antler Whistles by Antler Artisans
Deer Antler Whistles by Antler Artisans

Deer Antler Whistle with Lanyard or Key Ring

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These Deer Antler Whistles are not only beautiful and handcrafted, but they also perform. Loud, yes... they don't pitch out, go flat or dud out. Great for dog and horse training and even made for Falconers (more than a few!).

Whistles are also a symbol of love and friendship. Years of hands-on experience and understanding have gone into perfecting these antler whistles, judge for yourself... these are not internet tutorial weekend projects. They make unique and lasting gifts.

  • They are roughly 3" to 4" long, sometimes I keep the tip intact, other times I trim them off... the antler tells me what to do. If you have any size or other preference leave me a message in the "Notes" at Checkout.
  • You can have your whistle come on a Leather Lanyard (tan or black) or On a Key Ring.
  • These whistles have a unique high pitch sound, making them good for calling dogs/horses/pets to hawks. The unique pitch is reaching and cuts through and differs from other sounds.
  • To call your dog: Be out of sight, two short clear "peep, peep" and call their name, when he comes reward him!... repeat this game. After a while, just "peep, peep" from the whistle (stop calling name) and they will be quick at your side, and always reward them with petting and reinforcing words.
  • Antler Whistles are to be enjoyed, although they are loud, do not consider these security whistles. Antler whistles will last but are organic and cannot be compared to the durability of plastic or metal. They should not be immersed in water, if they do get wet pat them dry and air dry them well... do not poke anything in the whistle at any time.
  • These Deer Antler Whistles will get a lot of compliments and make the perfect gift... satisfaction guaranteed.

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