Enhanced Deer Crown/Burr Pull Knob by Antler Artisans

Enhanced Antler Crown Pull Knob

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Antler Crowns or Burrs were where the antler once connected to the head of the deer, they are considered the "Jewel of the antler"... and make beautiful pulls/knobs.
  • Enhancing is a surface treatment to the rounded smoothed pedicle (white button center), it exposes any marbling, pits, micro-cracks, and gives them an Antiqued Patina appearance... smoothed to perfection but no gloss.
  • Choose the diameter of the Crown you need, they are 1-1/2" long measured from the base to the edge of the rosette (petaled edge).
  • The bases are cut square and finished flat as glass for a clean flush mount.
  • All Natural color, texture and shine... no coloring/stains or chemicals.
  • Quality cabinet grade screws are included, please include your cabinet thickness in the "Notes" at Checkout, or I will send standard length screws for 3/4" thick cabinets.

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